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Chain Link Fencing


Our company is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Chain Link Fence. These products are very efficient as well as rm. These are durable and corrosion free which makes them perfect for use. These are reliable and are available at
affordable prices. Our range of products includes pvc coated chain link fencing, chain link security fencing, chain link fence and many more. Made from TATA wireon.

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Chain link fencing is used for Residential bunglows / Properties / Apartment houses, Industrial areas, Farms, Grounds, Land / Plots, Warehouses, Tennis courts, Pool areas, Parks and Parking lots. Chain link fences are made of galvanized hot deep steel wire  an galvanised hot de PVC coated wire or Stainless steel wires. Thep wire + pvc coated (   pvc coating vrjin grade any colour and thickness avlebal as per requirment  do not cut any climetic condition, rate is depend upon wire gage and mesh size ,mesh size from 25 m,30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm68mm,75mm,1000mm,150mm  avlebal

width mean hight of fence avlebal from 2 ft to 29 ft

wire thickness for make chainlink fence  is 1.6 mm 2mm.2.5mm,3mm,3.5mm,4.00mm and +pvc coting up to 2 mm thick produce by us,

zink coating is as per buyars spcificetion from 30 gsm to 290 gsm

stainless steel wire. like ss200 ,ss304,ss319  wire 1.6 mm to 4.00 mm avlebal

stainless steel wire chain link fence also produce any grapvc coating coating varjin grese wires are inter woven into mesh This net-like configuration is commonly known as “Fabric”of chain link fence. The woven mesh is secured around a specific area via steel / cement / pipe posts, which are deeply entrenched into the ground. any febrication requirmrnt as per drawing made inour factory or ast site anywhear in india

Benefits / Advantages : Chain link fencing is very cheap  than brick counstruction ,low in maintenance, and it is highly functional compared to a brick wall. It is a useful option for residential and commercial set-ups. The low cost and the ease of installation makes it an instant solution in all settings. Chain link fences are also used for partitions and also to temporarily secure construction sites. Chain link fencing is the least expensive fencing option available, ideal for homeowners on a budget. Especially if you require a fence for a large space, A chain link fence is just what you need whether for temporary or for permanent use.

Mesh Size : The smaller the space between the parallel or diamond-shaped wires in the fencing fabric, the more steel the fence contains. Standard mesh sizes are 1″ x 1″ | 1½” x1 ½” | 2″ x 2″ | 2 ¼ “ x 2 ¼ “ | 2 ½ “ x 2 ½” | 2 ¾” ‘ x 2 ¾” | 3” x 3” Smaller mesh sizes are available but they are more suitable for fencing poultry farms. Get the right mesh size to make sure that your fence serves its purpose.