Chainlink Barbed

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

 pvc coted Chain link fencing is used for Residential bunglows / Properties / Apartment houses, Industrial areas, Farms, Grounds, Land / Plots, Warehouses, Tennis courts( up to 25 ft width or hight of fence avlebal), Pool areas, Parks and Parking lots. Chain link fences are made of galvanized hot deep steel wire and  galvanised hot deep +PVC coated wire or Stainless steel wires. Thep wire + pvc coated ( pvc coating vrjin grade any colour and thickness avlebal as per requirment do not cut any climetic condition, rate is depend upon wire gage and mesh size

width or hight of fence  2 ft to 29 ft we produce

,mesh size from 25mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm68mm,75mm,1000mm,150mm avlebal

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The key to longevity of these gabion structures is based on the quality of the wire used for manufacturing gabion boxes and the correct design aspects. Arihant steel is committed to fulfill both these parameters and provide our customers with finest quality product with technical support as and when required.

The assembly and installation of gabion is enormously simple and can be carried out in any environment without the assistance of specialized tools and workforce. Our products are supported by design assistance from qualified Geotechnical engineers who can provide timely technical support.